Medical Law

Medical Law refers to the legislative body of rules and regulations within the field of medicine, and this overlaps in part with Civil, Social, Labor, Tax, Public and Criminal Law. We provide legal advice and representation to practicing doctors in all matters pertinent to their legal needs, in particular in questions of the establishment of their practice, the setting up of, or the separation from partnership practices as well as contractual or professional responsibility matters. We also represent hospitals and insurers. Our Medical Law practice group operates nationwide and is led by Dr. Reiner Schäfer-Gölz, a resident partner in our Berlin office, who is frequently named as one of Germany's top medical lawyers.

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  • Wolf Constantin Bartha
    „Praxisnetz (Ärztenetz, Praxisverbund)"
    see: Kooperationen - Möglichkeiten und Wege für Ärzte und Psychologische Psychotherapeuten, 5. Auflage Beratungsservice für Ärzte 03
  • Grundversorgung der Bürger muss gewährleistet sein
    see: KU-Gesundheitsmanagement Heft 7/2016, S. 61, 62
  • Dr. Nicolai Besgen, Wolf Constantin Bartha, Ebba Herfs-Röttgen, Dr. Christopher Liebscher, LL.M. (Penn), Dr. Reiner Schäfer-Gölz
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