A century-old tradition...

Meyer-Köring is a Bonn and Berlin based law firm, combining a fresh perspective with a century of tradition. The firm is a 1990 merger of two established Bonn law firms, both dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Service is our number one priority. A total of 29 lawyers, 20 of whom are partners, currently work in the firm's two offices. Our comparatively small size is one of our greatest assets: speed of processing information, transparency, in-house efficiency, and ease of communication are hallmarks of our service.

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Latest Publications

  • Anja Stümper
    Aktuelle Rechtsfragen zur Diskriminierung wegen einer (Schwer-)Behinderung
    see: öAT 6/2017, S. 114
  • Dr. Nicolai Besgen, Verena Fausten, Ebba Herfs-Röttgen, Dr. Theo Kade, David Marcone, Anja Stümper
  • Wolf Constantin Bartha
    „Praxisnetz (Ärztenetz, Praxisverbund)"
    see: Kooperationen - Möglichkeiten und Wege für Ärzte und Psychologische Psychotherapeuten, 5. Auflage Beratungsservice für Ärzte 03